For Your Home Color Trends 2018
Color Trends 2018

Color Trends for 2018

Colors for 2018 have an air of quiet sophistication with beautiful palettes crafted to enhance your mood and environment. A modern approach to neutrals is a key feature with our Color of the Year Plume Grass, as a perfect example. This delicately tinted neutral from our collection hints at the softest green of wild summer grasses to blend effortlessly inside and outside of your home.




Plume Grass 0414

Color of the Year
0414 - Plume Grass

A subtly green shade capturing the swaying of wild grasses in a summer breeze. This atmospheric hue is the epitome of a modern neutral, clearly tinted but delicately balanced making it perfect as a fashion statement with a timeless feel.




Moonscape 0227




Day Spa 0634




Stairway to Heaven 0479




Metal Flake 0447




Place of Dust 0539




Summer Memory 1052




Sparrow 0554




Plunge 0701




Au Natural 0222




Burning Idea 0373




Blessed Blue 0667




Kung Fu 0109




Italian ice 0031




Cliffswallow 0131




Berry Crush 0081




Wildwood 0214




Soft Leather 0336