Store Manager

Job Category: Stores
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Schedule: Full Time
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Location: Helena, Montana
Reports to: Phil
Opened: May 15, 2023

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Job Summary:

Reporting to the District Manager, the Store Manager Provides team leadership for store performance and is responsible for all sales, service, logistical, fiscal, and method processes, which embody the vision and mission of the company. The Store Manager must create a positive, upbeat and winning environment for customers and employees by inspiring a shared vision and a contagious enthusiasm for the job.

Job Description:

The Store Manager is the caretaker of The Company’s market interests as well as the security and protection of company and corporate inventory and assets.  They Store Manager has discretionary and independent judgment such as decision making, authority about important matters, and are expected to execute their business operation responsibilities while still performing their primary duties.  All things that relate to the professional and efficient operations of the store unit, recruiting, and development of staff are the responsibility of the Store Manager.

Job Responsibilities:

Service and Care:

  • Display a commitment to the company, customer, and fellow employees to “do the right thing” while making decisions and problem solving on the job.
  • Demonstrate kind and respectful behavior to everyone. Treatment which embodies the Company Code of Conduct and Workplace Fairness programs.
  • Create an atmosphere that makes all employees and customers feel included and appreciated.
  • Maintain composure, through optimistic, professional and approachable manners.
  • Ensure open, honest, two-way communication by maintaining objectivity under pressure in difficult situations.
  • Provide and maintain a workplace free from harassment, intimidation, hostility or any activity that creates such an environment for employees or customers.
  • Through leadership development, contribute to employee’s knowledge, skill level, and success in regard to position development and expertise in customer service, product, preparation/ application, and troubleshooting of coatings systems; as well as operations, and adherence of policy and procedures.
  • Strive to exceed customer expectations with a staff that presents an enthusiastic, professional customer service image through their attitude and appearance.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace through application of training and programs in proper safety processes, product handling, accident prevention program, COIVD-19 store protocol, etc. Follow and enforce all safety rules and procedures. Report, act, and correct any reports of safety or workplace hazards or incidents/events.
  • Enforce use of required / supplied PPE (personal protection equipment).
  • Accurate management and reporting of all statutory matters, payroll processes, FLSA wage and hour, time-keeping, meal & rest break, complaints, leaves of absence, etc.
  • Participate in the day to day retail and commercial operations of the Store.

Sales and Operations:

  • Development and implementation of the store’s annual business and sales development plan
  • Manage store sales, expense, and inventory levels to budget.
  • Inventory excellence through meeting gross margin ROI; turn management; accurate order/receiving processes; cycle counts, write-downs/offs, shelf tagging, etc.
  • Maintenance and appearance of physical facility both interior and exterior as well as the condition, maintenance and use of delivery vehicle.
  • Staff level scheduling to affect the highest level of customer service and AOR’s.
  • Logistical processes for POS, JDE, SharePoint, Company Website and related methods.
  • Support company promotions including product display, application of point-of-purchase signage and timely execution of end cap and promotional merchandising.
  • Work in partnership with Sales Representatives to effectively prospect and develop new accounts, gather market intelligence to ensure an understanding or our competitors and their position in the market.
  • Develop and maintain contact with new and existing customers through telephone and selling skills.

Knowledge, Skills, Requirements and Essential Functions:

  • Two years of paint / coatings, and management experience as a Rodda Paint or coatings related industry employee.
  • Demonstrated experience of leadership, training, & employee development while working in a store unit.
  • Excellence in execution of store business plan, fiscal management from financials, budgeting to operating statements, inventory management and control, etc.
  • Timely and predictable attendance is a requirement of all Rodda Paint positions.
  • Scheduling and reporting of this position must remain flexible and available given the contingencies of the business and company. The Store Manager should be scheduled and present in the workplace between 45 – 48 hours per workweek. This includes being present any time when proper staffing is needed to meet service level requirements at work location.
  • Training: Complete all required job training including, but not limited to: Management / Hiring Training, HMIS / DOT Transportation & Handling of Dangerous Goods, Safe Driving, SERVICE 6, forklift cert. (if required), Workplace Fairness / Code of Conduct, Workplace Safety / Accident Prevention Program, etc.
  • Effective time and organizational management to provide results when handling multiple priorities.
  • Driving: With rare exception, the ability to legally drive on business is an essential function of all store positions. Must present & sustain a Department of Motor Vehicles Record (DMVR), which is consistent with company safe-driving guidelines. In the context of this description ‘legal’ means: Personal liability insurance at the state minimum; possession of an active, unrestricted driver’s license issued by the state of residence; no more than three (3) convictions for ‘moving’ violations in the trailing 36-months; no ‘criminal traffic’ convictions (negligence, DUII/DWI, racing, vehicular homicide/assault, etc.) in the trailing 60-months.
  • Oral communication skills:  Efficient; fully conversant (speaking, listening), fluent in English
  • Reading and writing skills:  Efficient; reading and writing documents in standard English text
  • Mathematical Skills: Efficient and accurate in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  Understanding of measures and weights. Money computation, making accurate change
  • Computer / POS: Efficient skills required. Maintains computer efficiency in using software programs such as color computer software, Outlook, Excel, Word, JDE/AS400/POS, internet navigation, online training, etc.
  • High School Degree Required, Bachelor’s Degree Preferred

Physical Requirements:

The work environment consists of physical conditions typical of a retail store, sales floor environment. The job is performed while standing with regular walking and the lifting and carrying of various paint containers and related items.  Full-physical mobility is required to the performance of every store position.  Including:

  • Talking/Hearing/Seeing: Constant e.g. To interact with customers and co-workers; paperwork, driving, POS screen work, color match
  • Standing and Walking: Constant e.g. Assist customers at counter, inventory, to move about store.
  • Sitting: Occasional e.g. For dedicated deskwork. Sitting is not allowed on the sales floor; Constant while driving
  • Lifting to waist level: Occasional to Frequent (1 – 75lbs) e.g. sundries, boxes, equipment, one-gallon cans, five-gallon buckets
  • Carrying: Occasional to Frequent (10 – 75* lbs., up to 70 ft.); e.g. retrieve product from inventory for customers. Deliver and load customer’s vehicle in parking lot.  *Hand trucks are required for moving pails, heavier (> 35# Pounds) or larger items
  • Climbing / Balance/Crawling: Occasional e.g. 6’ ladder to retrieve or stock product   Crawling; seldom to Never
  • Reaching: Constant e.g. floor to waist, at waist and shoulder level, fully extended; at sales counter, tint bench, sales floor
  • Working above shoulders: Seldom; e.g. ladders are provided for retrieving stock on shelves
  • Pushing and Pulling: Occasional: e.g. hand-truck, rotating stock, sliding boxes, to open door; pallet jack (up to 100 lbs. of force);

Direct Reports:

  • Assistant Manager / Manager in Training
  • Sales Associates / Drivers