FD Heat Resistant Varnish

Product Data Sheet
DescriptionA clear varnish.
Basic UseThis fast dry varnish is superior to conventional varnishes because of its resistance to heat.
VOC gr/L651.00Volume Solids ±2%25.00OdorDominant odor of Toluene.
VOC lbs/G5.43Weight Solids ±2%32.00ThinningDo not thin.
MPI #Theor. Spread Rate0.0Weight7.90
Gloss 60°Wet Film ThicknessViscosity52 to 57 Krebs Units.
Sheen 85°Dry Film Thickness1.5 to 2 mils.ResistanceExcellent.
Tinting TypeToxic PropertiesNon-toxic as a dry film.Cleanup799250x Mineral Thinner.
Local HarvestLight ReflectanceNone.PackagingSizes available upon request.
Dry Times
At 77º Fahrenheit and 50% Relative Humidity:
Dry To Touch2 1/2 hoursDry To SandTack Free
Dry To Recoat16 hoursDry To TopcoatDry To Hard
Prep & Prime
WoodAll new wood should be sealed and lightly sanded before applying finish coats. Porous wood such as mahogany, etc., should be grain filled with paste wood filler before sealing. Two finish coats as a minimum is recommended for best exterior preformance.
BrushUse a top quality natural bristle or nylon/polyester brush.
Roller / PadUse a 3/16" to 3/8" nap synthetic or lanbswool roller cover.-Use a top quality synthetic pad.
Airless SprayUse equipment capable of constant 1850 psi at tip. An .013" to .107" tip orifice is recommended.
Conventional SprayDeVilbiss JGA gun or equivalent is recommended. Fluid pressure of 20 lbs.; atomzing pressure; 35 - 40 psi.
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