First Coat Primer

Product Data Sheet
501601x White
501603x Accent
This product is manufactured to meet all requirements of LEED-NC credit EQ4.2 low emitting materials - paints & coatings
Basic UseFirst Coat is a fast drying pigmented acrylic emulsion coating designed for use as a prime coat on exterior/interior surfaces. Use on new or previously coated wood, brick, masonry, concrete, hardboard, stucco, plaster, clean galvanized steel, aluminum, and primed ferrous metal. Excellent for use when more pungent solvent base primers would be objectionable because of odor and fumes which might irritate or taint the air, such as in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. First Coat contains flash rust inhibitor to resist the staining of nail-heads & tar.
white to deeptone - great for coverage primer under dark or hard to cover colors
VOC gr/L45.00Volume Solids ±2%38.00Odormild ammonia odor
VOC lbs/G0.38Weight Solids ±2%51.00Thinningone recommended
MPI #3 & 6Theor. Spread Rate396.0Weight10.40
Gloss 60°8 - 12Wet Film Thickness4 milsViscosity94 - 98 Krebs Units
Sheen 85°20 - 30Dry Film Thickness1.5 milsResistancevery good
Tinting TypeuniversalToxic PropertiesNon-toxic as dry filmCleanupwarm soapy water
Local Harvest18%Light ReflectanceWhite 89%,less for tintsPackagingquart, gallon & fives
Dry Times
At 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% Relative Humidity.
To lock out Tannins, that naturally occur in wood, product needs to dry for 24 hours.
Dry To Touch1/2 hourDry To SandN/ATack Free1/2 hour
Dry To Recoat4 hoursDry To TopcoatOvernightDry To Hard4-6 hours
Prep & Prime
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as wax, oils, grease, weld splatter, or loose mil/scale/rust. As a minimum, SSPC-SPC hand Tool Cleaning or surfaces should be abraded to enhance adhesion. Improved performance can be achieved with SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast. All surfaces prepared for painting should be coated within 8 hours of completion of surface prep.
MasonryShould be clean and free from dirt, oil, grease and efflorescence and other foreign matter.
MetalGalvanized: 501601x First Coat Primer may be applied directly to weathered galvanized surfaces.
New Galvanized: Surfaces must be properly treated.
Ferrous Metal: Prime with suitable rust inhibitie metal primer:7082xx Barrier III High Solids Metal Primer or 508901 Metal Master Primer.
Coated Metal: clean thoroughly.
WallboardShould be clean and free of dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants before painting.
WoodShould be clean and free from dirt, oil, grease and other foreign matter. NOTE: Woods such as redwood or cedar which are subject to tannin staining may require two coats before a finish is applied.
Do not apply when air or surface temperatures are expected to drop below 35 degrees F. or rise above 95 degrees F. during application and drying.
BrushUse a top quality nylon/polyester brush .
Roller / PadUse a top quality synthetic roller cover.
Airless SprayUse equipment capable of constant 1800 psi at tip. An .013" to .019" tip orifice.
Conventional SprayDeVilbiss JGA Gun or equivalent. Fluid pressure 25 - 30 psi; pressure 40 - 50 psi.
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