Ultimate Exterior Paint Line

The name says it all for this coating, it is the Ultimate in house paint, out performing and outlasting anything else in the marketplace. Its specialty resin, ceramic fillers and silicone additives combine to make this the last house paint you will ever use and to prove it, we gave it a lifetime warranty. There are a lot of paints available that claim a lifetime warranty, but only the quality built into Ultimate will truly stand up to the claim and we’ve done the testing to prove it.

Satin (522501x)

A high performance coating that virtually eliminates blistering and can stand up to any kind of weather. The solids are high which help to build the film and make it ‘spread like butter’. Polymer breakdown (loss of gloss), pigment exposure (fading), pigment breakdown (chalking) and erosion of the film are all a direct reflection of UV rays from the sun and are all counteracted by the specialty formulation and additives in Ultimate. The ceramic filler pigments help the film to resist dirt and cracking while the satin sheen provides a self-cleaning where you can watch the rain bead up and run down the surface. Last, but certainly not least, the film has a one way breathing ability, allowing water vapors to pass out of your house while not letting any moisture to penetrate in.
Exterior Satin Latex PaintExterior
Water Base Latex PaintWater
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