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Paint Color Palette

Our paint color palette

Rodda Paint understands color. Our professionals can help you choose paint colors as well as mix them into the right products. Our current Colorizer paint color palette boasts 1,320 colors for instant tintability and we can still mix the 1,000 colors off our last color expressions fandeck. We augment these paint color choices with color cards aimed at specific targets such as interior paint color selections, exterior paint color selections, a historic paint color palette, warms, cools and whites, specialty industrial colors as well as a Color Canvas forecast card.

Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors with Colorizer sampler quarts

Rodda was first to recognize the need for consumers to check their colors with actual paint color samples. Colorizer Sampler Quarts by Rodda provide 75 square feet of color to help narrow down your choices before your major paint project investment. These sample quarts are easily recycled by using them as a prime coat before you apply your finish coat.

Paint Color Matching Computer

Color matching computers provide unlimited paint colors

Every Rodda store contains a state-of-the-art color matching computer to accurately match any color sample you need: fabrics, existing paint chips, competitor's paint colors, and other samples to your satisfaction, making your color choices unlimited.

Accurate paint colors

Each order made at a Rodda Paint location is verified for accuracy with our standardized tint procedure to ensure you always get the Right Color; one R in our 5R Commitment to quality service.

Getting Help

You've been through all of the charts & painted multiple swatches on your walls and still can't come to a conclusion? Rodda Paint has partnered with Authentic Home COLOR Paint™, a boutique low impact paint line consisting of a 75 color palette, backed by a network of designers to help you coordinate your efforts. To find a designer near you* call (206) 937-3070 and begin your journey by setting up an appointment today. Get your project and your life back on track. * (limited service area)

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