Paint Storage and Recycling

Rodda's 5 step storage and recycling process

Rodda understands the dilemma of having leftover paint. Here are some things you can do to help yourself and the environment.

  1. Identify The Paint You Have

    First, spearate your latex from your oil based products. They are dealt with differently.

  2. Make Sure Your Paint Is Still Good

    Open the can(s). The easiest way to tell if paint is bad is by the smell. Spoiled paint will smell like sour milk. Dispose of spoiled paint.

    While you have the can open, be sure to stir the paint. Stir sticks are available at any Rodda Paint store.

  3. Paint Storage

    Paint should be stored in a warm and dry location. Moisture will quickly rust metal paint cans and paint cannot withstand multiple freeze / thaw cycles.

    Choose the right sized container and seal tight. Air will dry out the product and enduce hardening. Empty quart or gallon containers are available at all Rodda Paint stores. Be sure to properly label the new container.

    You can "Float" a little water (on latex) or thinner (oil based) on the top of the paint before storing for extended periods of time. This will reduce the exposure to air.

  4. How to Use: Touch Ups

    When you are ready to use your leftover paint, move it into a warm location for at least 24 hours prior to painting or touch up. This allows for the product to acclimatize in temperature, reaching the right viscosity for painting and future touch up.

    Stir the product well. This assures that the color resins and solids are blended before application. Paint settles when idle and can separate slightly in the can. You can also bring your paint can back into your local Rodda Paint store and we’ll put it in the paint shaker for you. While you’re there, be sure you have all the necessary painting supplies for your job.

  5. How to Recycle

    Save extra paint for all rooms in your house and label them. Download our color tracker page for record keeping. This omits the need to re-purchase excessive paint for touch up. Empty quart and gallon can are available at Rodda stores for storage.

    Combine old products (keep latex and oil products separate) to use on a new project or as a primer.

    Donate to a community project, school, or other facility in need of product.

    Harden and dry. Use a commercial hardener (available at any Rodda Paint location) or brush out on cardboard, in layers, to dry. Then dispose of cardboard.

    Check with your local government on recycling though their Hazmat program.

    Other disposal information: National Paint and Coatings Association

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